Mar 19, 2012

Electro Boogie Encounter Special with Reflex

Our special is with Reflex this month. They (Andre & Lud) released an awesome EP last month and now made a mixtape (the tracklist is on the end of the post) and gave an interview for us. Enjoy...

1-How was the beginning ?and what are your tips for the beginners ?
Ludmila : Well I wanted to do my own project, and André purpose to help me, to do the production, because I'm 'just' musician not technician.
André : some advices, hmm : be patient, persist in learning software and tips production :)
2-How do you see the popularization of music making specially with mobile devices like iPad and iPhone ?
André : On iPhone it's a little bit small, I've tried Garage Band on Ipad and it's good to start working on a new project in train, or on holiday or to do a demo with an Apogge Jam and a guitar. But to complete a track it's necessary to work with a computer for records external synth, voice thru preamplifier, compressor and FX.
Lud : I'm very inspired during the night ( and in my dreams ) so I wake up, take the iPhone to record each track in singing ( whispering  )
The next day, if you listen to the result, you can laugh cause I’m the only one who can translate the song hahaha
3-Everytime I listen to your music i feel like something the remembers the late 80's and early 90's and the sounds of bands like New Order in it. Which are your biggest influences? And who are the best and worst today acts in your opinion ? I always ask about the worst cause I'm from Brazil, unfortunately the land of Teló.
Lud : My influences are very large. 80‘s, 90‘s of course but also classical music, disco, Japanese sounds, vintage synth sounds, 8bit video games sounds...
I love to find ‘subliminal’ chords combination and try to give emotions when I play music.
André : It’s dificult to define our biggest influence, I think for Ludmila it’s the music form old video games with speed arpegiator, a lot of songs with vintage synth and old fx.
The best live act is Daft Punk, and the worst : they don’t deserve to talk about them I guess.
4-How your creative process work ?
Lud : First I like to start with a basic piano sound, whatever the kind of sound.
Then, I write all the chords, also arrangements ( even if it's only with a piano ). André programing synth sounds and we decide together which one is the best.
André: I'd like tweaking knobs all the time : ) We programe drums, we record vocals and guitar in our studio.
5-The French artists (like Jean-Jacques Perrey, Jean Michel, Air and Daft Punk to name just a few) have huge role in the evolution of electronic music in the last decades.How do you think the place you live in have influenced in your music ?
Lud : They are precursors, today wherever you live, if you want to learn music history you must cross Daft Punk, Air. These guys have definitively invented something.
With our project Reflex, I really want to give something ‘subliminal’, almost lyrical but reachable, how to say.. it’s hard to explain. Just listen to us ! :)
6-And what do you think about music future ?
Lud : Today there are no boarders, it's easy to discover all kind of music and find similar feelings with people around the world.
So, I think in near future, there will be more open minded music with more fusions of different styles, a real cultural melting pot.
And young, young guys will be famous too.
7-What are your dreams ? Your motivation ?
Lud : Sharing music with many people, it's like a message of ‘happiness’; Travelling... Life is a game, just be crazy !
André : Yes, as my friend Boozig says : "My Life Is A Week End !"
8-Which are your favorite places to play ? And your favorites to have fun ?
Lud : Definitively Tokyo, people were fantastic ! and Spain, because everybody comes to discover music and partying.
André : In France, Social Club is amazing, and I like the big festival of course, like Benicassim Festival in Spain. And Barcelona during Sonar is a good place to have fun.
9-Last month I asked Dj Rocca about gastronomy, France like Italy is worldwide knew by the great gastronomy, so I will ask for you too. Which are your favorite plates ? Do you cook ? Can you share with us your favorite recipe?
Lud : Yeah, in France cooking is a tradition. Everybody especially grandmas cook divinely. But I'm not conventional, I can do something but I don't like that too much, André cooks ! hahaha
André: Yes, the best things in france is Fromage ( Cheese ) here is my favorite recipe :
Ingredients :
  1. 1.2 kg potatoes
  2. 200 g diced bacon (or not)
  3. 1 onion
  4. 1 reblochon cheese
  5. 25cl (Savoy white wine)

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/gas mark 5.
Peel the potatoes, Bring a large pan of water to the boil and cook the potatoes whole, for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, cook the onion and bacon with 2cl of oil in a heavy frying pan over a medium heat; they should sweat but not brown.
Drain the potatoes and slice in cubes.
Choose an ovenproof earthenware dish and rub it well with the out halves of garlic. Layer half the sliced potatoes across the base, season, then scatter over the onion and bacon mixture. Add the remaining potatoes, white vine, and more seasoning.
Place the whole Reblochon on top. Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to 180C/350’F/gas mark 4 for a further 20—25 minutes. The Reblochon should melt within its skin and the fat drip down while the potatoes crisp.
Tartiflette is a filling dish and all you really need to go with it is a nicely dressed green salad.
10-How do you feel being the first artists released by Continental Records (the Jerry Bouthier's new label)?
Lud : Jerry trusts in us and it’s a great honor because he’s a tendencer.
André : And I want to say Thank you to Continental crew !

11-What were the weirdest and the funniest thing that ever happened on a gig?
André: Once I was in Croatia in a restaurant and we ate peanuts and everybody threw barks on the floor and a lot of birds and chickens suddently came in to eat the barks ! It was suprising.
12-Lud how do you feel about the mainstream music industry sexism, where a hot body and a sexy attitude value more then the talent?
Lud : Various styles exist and tastes are different.. but it’s a shame when you’re a girl because noboby thinks you’re able to do music ! :)
At the end of a gig, people come and congratulate Andre for the music, and, sometimes, they congratulate me for singing.
But it’s not important for me, the best thing is when people enjoy the show.
13-I know you're a video game's lover, which was you first console?What's your favorite game? And do you play it online ?
Lud : Master System II included Alex Kidd (Wow, I still remember the generic haha!)
I don’t have time to play, but I loved Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VIII, but I love especialy retro games, you can add me on PS3 : «Ludmila»
14-How is have a relationship and work together ?
Lud : It’s pretty cool but really difficult sometimes because I don’t want to do concessions in music !
André : So, each of us has its own role but we are additional.

15-Last month was a great month for you, with the release of your's Wavering and the remixes for Juveniles and Black Strobe, what Reflex reserves for us on the next months?
Lud : A remix for LA Zebra  coming soon on La Valigieta Records, and a remix for DJ Cam on Inflammable Records
André : We work on remixes and a new ep. included great remixers ! ; )
16-What do you use to make your tracks? What do you take with you on the stage? And what do you prefer to make, Dj sets or live performances?
André : I love old stuff like Korg MS 20, Yamaha DX7, Revox B77Mk2, Ensoniq DP4...
We try to use the best of both worlds, best analog stuff like a couple of Distressor, a good preamplifier and a summing box and also digital stuff, Ableton Live and Logic Pro and a lot of plugins
For the lives, Ludmila sings and plays lead keyboard, I launch sequences with a MacBook Pro with 2 midi controler, and I play Moog Voyager.
And we have another computer for the video.
But it’s difficult to choose, DJ set was my first addiction. I like both
Lud : I have an addiction to vintage synths. I love to play in live of course, but we try to make our dj sets a bit like live acts, with fx / personal remixes, we try to add our influences and our ‘touch’ on tracks.
Also want to try something new with you, a picture interview. Can we try it?
Can you send some pictures of the objects that define your lifestyle and the view of you window?
Lud : Here is a pic taken during the shooting ( by Albane Chauvel, with our friend Aimeric Miriel ). Here is our sky in Summer, 7 p.m

Here's the promo video with a new and exclusive Reflex track as soundtrack.If you live in South America and want Reflex in your party, mail me (

01. Todd Terje - "Inspector Norse"
02. Parallel Dance Ensemble - "Shopping Cart" (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
03. Eyeflash - "Your Lips Are Mine" (on Eikyou - promo)
04. Housse de Racket - "Chateau" - JBag remix (on Kitsuné)
05. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Paradisco" - Joakim remix
06. Michael King - "FurEleana" Caio Zini remix ( promo )
07. Justice "On And On" Rick Rubin remix
08. Reflex "Fallin" ( on Continental Records)
09. Chordashian - "Sea Crest"
10. Juveniles - "Ambitions" Reflex remix (on Kitsuné)
11. Reflex - "Wavering" JBag remix (on Continental Records)
12. G Vump - "Feeling" ( Bromance )
13. Black Strobe - "Italian Fireflies" Reflex remix (Blackstrobe Records promo gift)
14. Mickey feat Monarchy - "Love For Sale"
15. Pitchben - "Stand Up" (Tiger & Woods remix)
16. Moullinex - Modular Jam (Justin Faust Remix)
17. ( Promo Reflex remix... wait and listen to it ! )
18. The Supermen Lovers - "Say No More" Jupiter remix (promo)
19. Ladyhawke "Black White Blue" (Punks Jump Up remix)
20. The Glass - "Won't Bother Me"
21. U Tern - "You Don't Know Me' ( edit )
22. Grouplove - "Tongue Tied" (Gigamesh remix)
23. Justin Faust - High Hopes (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)

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