Oct 24, 2016

Dino Soccio - Berlin Boombox Mixtape #35

1. Brothers Johnson- Land of Ladies 
2. Chocolate Milk- Let's Go All The Way
3. Caprice- 100% (Vocal)
4. Skyy- Show Me The Way
5. I-Level- Give Me
6. Magnum Force- Cool Out
7. Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Mix)
8. Aurra- Checking You Out (Shep Pettibone Mix)
9. Legacy- Word Up
10. Spencer Jones- How High
11. Sharon Redd- Beat The Street
12. Serious Intention- Serious
13. Colonel Abrams- Trapped/Out of My Head (Jean Claude Gavri Mix)
14. Shangri & La- Padacelsus
15. Laid Back- It's the Way You Do It (Velvet Spike Mix)
16. Expansives- Life With You...
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