Dec 31, 2016

Top December 2016

Here are our December tops, as usual one with my personal choices and the other with the most viewed posts on the past month. Enjoy, have fun and happy new year!

December Top 31by Caio Zini

10 most viewed posts in the last month

  1. TSM aka This Soft Machine - Absence Of Rhythm
  2. Gigamesh - Gigamix Vol. 003
  3. Nils Bech - Glimpse Of Hope (Joe Goddard Remix)
  4. Via Aèria #146
  5. Holy Ghost & Classixx - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  6. The Aston Shuffle - Only 100’s Best of 2016
  7. George Michael - Father Figure (Final DJs Remix)
  8. Loframes - An Ode to The Roots
  9. Le Youth - If You're Leaving (feat. Sydnie)
  10. The Supermen Lovers - Caravan

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