May 31, 2017

Top May 2017

Here are our May tops, as usual one with my personal choices and the other with the most viewed posts on the past month. May really was a great month full of awesome disco/funk and indie-dance tracks (we also had the pleasure to listen Gomma records glorious return), enjoy and have fun !

May Top 31by Caio Zini

10 most viewed posts in the last month

  1. Bluehost - We Need You (Pallace Remix)
  2. Son of Sound - What Do You Feel
  3. Ben Phipps - Don't Wake Me Up (ft. Mike Ruby)
  4. Biel - Warm Up To Ray Mang & Dicky Trisco
  5. Bottin - YAML feat. Lavinia Claws (Extended Version)
  6. Shit Hot Soundsystem - Slow Down (Do It Tonight)
  7. Midnight Pool Party - This Love
  8. Iffy Orbit - Slow Times
  9. Portland - Tree
  10. Spencer Ludwig - Diggy (RAC Mix)

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