Feb 1, 2018

Top January 2018

Here are our January tops, as usual one with my personal choices and the other with the most viewed posts on the past month. 

Jan Top 31by Caio Zini

Weekend Affair - L'indecise

10 most viewed posts on the past month

  1. Bluehost - We Need You (Pallace Remix)
  2. Tritonal - Good Thing (Go Go Bizkitt! "Electric Dreams Remix)
  3. Aire Atlantica - On My Own (ft. Emily Terran)
  4. Lane 8 - Coming Back To You ft. J.F. July
  5. Kazy Lambist x Glasses - Love Song
  6. Penguin Prison - Keep Coming Alive
  7. Patawawa - Patagonia
  8. France Gall - Dancing Disco (Yuksek edit)
  9. Diana Ross - Eaten Alive (Rayko Electrik Disco Cannibal re-edit)
  10. biLLLy - Moving

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